Producer / DirectorHolly Hardman
 Executive ProducersNicolas Rossier
Holly Hardman
 EditorCameron Clendaniel
 CinematographyPetr Cikhart
Samuel Henriques
Scott Shelley

Gobbo Films in association with
Baraka Productions

Along the Gulf Coast’s devastated landscape, an itinerant cross-carrier named Lance preaches evangelical Christian doctrine. To Lance and like-minded Christians, natural disasters and societal ills are signs of the End Times and apocalyptic Bible prophecy coming true. This literal interpretation of the Bible promises glorious escape through the Rapture. As Lance sees it, Jesus will return to 'rapture the faithful,' to actually lift true believers into heavenly skies, while the rest of humanity is left behind to suffer the wrath of an angry God.

Fellow born-again Christian Mitsi, a choir leader in coastal Cameron Parish, speaks enthusiastically about her certainty that she will be raptured by Jesus, as she endeavors to raise five sons in fundamentalist Christian harmony. Yet not all Mitsi’s children share her conservative Christian beliefs, and a darker story emerges. The film tellingly captures both the triumphs and the heart-wrenching conflicts that ensue as a result of divergent religious, social and cultural points of view.

Threads of evangelical doctrine and practice shared by believers akin to Mitsi and Lance are woven throughout the film. In New Orleans and its surrounding parishes, on Louisiana’s coast and northward along the Mississippi River, Good People Go to Hell, Saved People Go to Heaven enters small churches and multi-campus mega churches, observes backwoods tent revivals and massive urban outreach rallies in its pursuit of an authentic portrayal of Christian Rapture culture. The result is a film of stunning candor and fresh insight into the complex and controversial world of Christian evangelical belief.