Scott Shelley (Director of Photography)

Scott is a cinematographer and producer with over twenty years experience in documentary, television and independent feature films. After receiving his MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Scott began his career as an editor, producer, and cameraman for the UN Center Against Apartheid, UNTV and UNICEF. Since then he has worked in over sixty countries on an extensive list of documentary projects, often in remote areas and under dangerous circumstances. His credits include: Primal Contact (A&E), Song of the Refugee (PBS) and David Novack’s Burning the Future: Coal in America (Sundance Channel). His television career includes eight seasons as a principal cinematographer for Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Amazing Race for which he earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction Cinematography. Scott was also the Director of Photography for Phil Keoghan’s The Ride (Showtime), an uplifting film that documents his good friend and colleague Keoghan’s cross-country bike ride for MS. Scott lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children.