Cameron Clendaniel (Editor)

Cameron is a graduate of Williams College where he was a Studio Art and Political Science major. While at Williams, Cameron found his passion for film editing on a Media 100 system. Cameron now has a state-of–the art editing facility in Brooklyn. His work has aired on PBS, the Sundance Channel, and CNN, as well as dozens of film festivals, including HotDocs and IDFA. He recently edited Nicolas Rossier’s documentary series One Breath (Sheffield Film Festival 2012) and the documentary reality series Game Quest, which is now airing in multiple European markets. Other credits include Nicolas Rossier’s American Radical (edited and co-produced) and the award-winning Aristede and the Endless Revolution. He has also edited two documentaries by director Jasper Goldman: Hudson Rising and City of Water (PBS). He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.