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as Left Behind in Louisiana


They call it God’s simple plan for salvation.

Explore the complex world of evangelical End Times belief and culture set against a backdrop of coastal devastation and apocalyptic fear.

In the years following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Director Holly Hardman focuses her lens on a fundamentalist cross-carrier, a fervent youth choir leader, and a fascinating collection of their born-again brethren along the Gulf Coast. All believe that God sent the hurricanes of 2005 to punish America for its sinful ways. And all share a desire to prepare themselves and the world for the End Times and the rapture.

The film enters corporate-style megachurches, backwoods tent revivals, and massive urban outreach rallies, as it accesses a world that is as much the American norm as it is alien, existing outside and in opposition to society-at-large.

Unnervingly authentic, Good People goes far in revealing the deep and often desperate reasons born-again believers have for embracing this American-made Christian faith. The result is a compelling film that deftly lays bare the paradoxical world of evangelical compassion, fear, love, and intolerance.

Upcoming Screening

Thursday, May 1, 7:30pm

Club B-10
$9 general / $5 students
Followed by a Q+A with filmmaker Holly Hardman.

mass-mocaPart of the God is Where? documentary film series.

"God is love.God is dead." Artists, philosophers, and everyday people have forever grappled with their faith and devotion to the mysteries of life. In this season's documentary series, we trace the urgency of the unifying question: God is where? From the Apollo Theater to the streets of Damascus to the NBA Playoffs, the stories that shape our lives are filled with people wondering, hoping, and believing.