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They call it God’s simple plan for salvation.

Explore the complex world of evangelical End Times belief and culture set against a backdrop of coastal devastation and apocalyptic fear.

In the years following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Director Holly Hardman focuses her lens on a fundamentalist cross-carrier, a fervent youth choir leader, and a fascinating collection of their born-again brethren along the Gulf Coast. All believe that God sent the hurricanes of 2005 to punish America for its sinful ways. And all share a desire to prepare themselves and the world for the End Times and the rapture.

The film enters corporate-style megachurches, backwoods tent revivals, and massive urban outreach rallies, as it accesses a world that is as much the American norm as it is alien, existing outside and in opposition to society-at-large.

Unnervingly authentic, Good People goes far in revealing the deep and often desperate reasons born-again believers have for embracing this American-made Christian faith. The result is a compelling film that deftly lays bare the paradoxical world of evangelical compassion, fear, love, and intolerance.

Screening in San Francisco!

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Sunday, April 12 at 7:00 pm
Second Act 
1727 Haight St.


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Followed by a Q & A with Director Holly Hardman.

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